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At Quick Solar, we are a one-stop destination for those looking for 13KW Solar Panel in Brisbane. Our group of solar experts have vast experience in ensuring a seamless setup designed to increase energy efficiency and also cost saving. Whether you need inverters or top-tier panels, Quick Solar guarantees you by ensuring higher performance and durability.

Our experts make your home highly sustainable and thus minimize the overall electricity bills. From initial consultation to installation and maintenance, we provide full compliance with local regulations. With us, you can get an energy-efficient and eco-friendly energy solution that provides the full value of your investment.  

Why Choose 13kW Solar Panel Brisbane for Installation

Brisbane is known for its enormous sunshine. On average, the city witnesses 280 sunny days every year. So, installation of a 13KW Solar System in Brisbane is the right choice for you. Whether you have a medium or a large household, the solar system size can be perfect. It enables you to grab numerous opportunities for saving and thus minimizing your electricity bills. Let’s explore several other advantages of the installation of a 13KW solar system;

  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Increase Property Value
  • Minimize Grid Dependency
  • Long-Term Investment

Installation Process of 13 KW Solar Panel

The installation process of a 13 KW solar system consists of numerous steps. We at Quick Solar follow a systematic process for solar panel installation.

Site Assessment

Our step for solar system installation begins with site assessment and thus designs the complete solar system to increase sunlight exposure.

Get Approvals

Our next step involves getting the necessary permits and approval from the concerned body.


We install a complete mounting system on your roof while ensuring it’s powerful and aligned perfectly. Our experts then attach the solar panels to the mount. We then connect the solar panels with an inverter to convert solar energy into electric energy. We also integrate the system into your home’s electrical grid.

Installation of Monitoring System

We then install a complete monitoring system to track the overall performance of your solar system.


We finally make a thorough inspection and testing to ensure everything works properly before functioning the entire system. 

Why Quick Solar for 13 KW Solar Panel Installation

We emerged as the right option for installation of a 13 KW Solar System in Brisbane for being reliable and offering top-rated products. Besides this, customers choose us for various other reasons;

  • Years of Experience
  • Swift and Smooth Installation
  • Minimize Downtime
  • Maximize Energy Production
  • Use of Top-Tier Materials
  • Competitive Pricing 


  1. How many panels require installing 13 KW solar panels in Brisbane?

Well, to install a 13KW solar panel in Brisbane, you need to install 33 to 40 panels. Besides, it also depends on panel wattage, which is generally 330 to 400 watts each. 

  1. How much does it cost to install a 13KW solar panel in Brisbane?

On average, you need to spend between AUD 12,000 to AUD 16,000 for the installation of a 13KW solar panel. To get more price details and government rebates, you can contact us. 

  1. How much power output can I expect from a 13KW solar panel in Brisbane?

Well, you can expect 52 to 58 kWh per day. It also depends on numerous factors such as shading, orientation, and more.