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How to Select the Best Solar System Brisbane for Your Home?


best solar system in Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane and are thinking about installing a solar system, then you have made the correct decision. It is because Brisbane has a favourable climate and plentiful sunshine for powering up the residential abodes. It has also become one of the top forefronts for solar adaptation all across Australia. By installing the best solar system in Brisbane, you can gain a high amount of savings and also decrease toxic environmental effects over time.

Why is it Difficult to Select the Best Solar System?

It becomes difficult for the first time users to select the best solar system because:

  • Numerous solar systems are available in the market. If you are installing a solar system for the first time, it might be difficult to choose a model.
  • Solar systems are available for both commercial and residential use, and you might get confused about which one is most appropriate for your needs.
  • The system should be according to the capacity requirement. If you buy a smaller model, it will not be able to meet the demands and larger model would be wastage of power.

Thus, selecting a 13 KW solar system in Brisbane can be a complicated decision for you. In this article, we have solved this problem and outlined the aspects to consider when selecting a solar system.

Different Types of Installations of Solar System Brisbane

·         Grid Tied

Grid-tied 13.2 KW solar systems in Brisbane are the most preferred option, as you can sell the extra electricity generated to the local power grid. If you want to decrease the power cost and earn some extra revenue, then grid-tied 13.2 KW solar systems in Brisbane are best for you. Since these systems do not require battery storage, they are the most cost-efficient alternative.

·         Off Grid

Battery storage and solar panels power the off-grid 13 KW solar system in Brisbane, which is disconnected from the local power grid. This system is ideal for users who live in remote areas or have irregular grid connectivity. However, you need to have an enormous battery capacity to use it.

·         Hybrid

Hybrid 13.2 KW solar systems in Brisbane are a combination of both grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. The battery storage helps in using the system even at night due to extra electricity. If you want to optimize the consumption of solar energy and need a constant power supply even during grid interruptions, then hybrid solar systems are the best option.

Capacity Requirement

You should select the capacity of the 13 KW solar systems in Brisbane after calculating the total energy demand.

·         Homes with 1 to 3 Bedrooms

 For small to mid-size properties, a 3—to 5-KW solar system is ideal. It will easily cover your daily power requirements.

·         Homes with more than 4 Bedrooms

For larger residences with more appliances and people, you should select a 6 to 10-KW solar system.

·         Homes with Energy Intensiveness

If your house includes various amenities like electric heating, a swimming pool, or any other energy-intensive appliances, then you should go for a 10 KW or 13.2 KW solar system.

Energy Efficient Appliance Type

Along with different types of solar systems and capacity requirements, you also have to consider what type of electrical appliances you are using in your home. Energy efficient appliances will decrease your power demands and also the size of the solar system you need. So consider the below recommendations before making up your mind.

·         Convert your electrical appliances into energy-efficient ones with high star rating

·         Implement energy-saving equipment like LED lights and smart thermostats to reduce the overall power usage

·         Select appliances that will be highly compatible with solar systems. Examples include solar water heaters and heat pumps.

Solar systems have become highly popular among Australians, who are concerned about rapid climate change and global warming. They are visually appealing and highly cost-efficient, perfect for various installation necessities and preferences.


Thus, it is evident from above that it is affirmative to consider the property size, appliance efficiency, and energy requirement before buying a solar system in Brisbane. This will result in high cost savings along with eco-friendly living. A professional solar system installation company will evaluate your requirements and create a customized solar solution that will sustainably power your home.