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Commence diminishing your commercial electricity bill

Save money every annually with a Commercial solar panel system

With the investigation on the environmental influence those businesses holding on our planet, solar energy is a wise decision for Australian businesses. You cannot just utilize sunny weather to save money but you are providing a dedication to your employees and customers to lessen CO2 emissions.

Quick Solar wishes to encourage Australian homeowners to leverage the financial and environmental advantages of solar energy. Because, we are experts in installing top quality, and great value, commercial solar systems. So, our installers know how to install solar systems in a range of sizes and configurations. Thus, we provide full solar panel and inverter solutions for a range of applications.

With electricity costs persisting to increase, installing solar power is now seen as an effective way of lessening your operating costs. In case solar needs for your business, you need to assure you are associated with a trustworthy solar company that can deliver real energy savings and constant support. Hence, Quick Solar is a market leader in commercial solar sales, design, and installation and we delight in great relationships with our customers.

For large business and commercial operations, we provide three main solar panel systems

20KW Solar System:

We empower the businesses by installing a 20kw solar system Brisbane. We also have the best solar package and 20kW installation services.

30KW Solar System:

Let’s save on electricity bills with your 30kW solar products. So, ask for the quotes for 30kW solar power systems Brisbane for your commercial property, right away!

50KW Solar System:

So, our 50KW solar system is appropriate for office complexes and large warehouses. We use the CEC approved installer to provide high standards of Commercial Solar Panel systems.

The locations where we regularly supply and install solar panels: