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Reduce your residential electricity bill

Save your money with a residential solar panel system

Investing in solar energy is a smart decision for Australian residents. Primarily, you can lessen your energy bills by transforming sunlight into clean energy by installing solar panels on your roof. As you are producing your own energy, you will utilize lower power from the grid and hence reduce your electricity bill. Moreover, you can save solar power not used all day to use later in case you have installed a battery with a solar PV system. This will aid you to slash your electricity bills even more.

On the other hand, residential solar panels are a great advantage if you opted to give your property on rent or selling. Solar power is becoming more prevalent and necessitated in Australia. And solar power also owning a solar PV system in your home will possibly raise your home value. Apart from this, solar PV systems are normally low maintenance and durable for a long period, so it could be the right investment that will offer you the best return in the future. So Quick Solar wishes to encourage Australian homeowners to leverages the financial and environmental advantages of solar energy, we are experts in installing top quality, great value, residential solar systems in Queensland.

For homeowners, we provide three solar panel systems

6.6kW Solar System:

Our 6.6kW Solar System Brisbane starts from $2890 which gives you 18 x 370w = 6600W of solar power output. You can hope for the best ROI on investment in the 6.6kW solar system. Thus, the solar design and installation team will discuss with you to find out the best residential system for your home.

10KW Solar System:

Our 10kW or 10.3kW Solar System starts from $4290 which gives you 28 x 370w = 10300W of solar power output. Our team will talk with you to discover the best residential system for your home. You can also obtain the best returns by investing in a 10 kW solar system Brisbane.

13.2KW Solar System:

We have the best solar packages and 13.2 kW installation services at Quick Solar. Thus, leverage up to 50% off on the pricing of 13.2 kW solar systems Brisbane. The future lies in solar power. So, the homeowners in Australia install high-quality 13.2 kW solar panels and inverters to lessen their energy bills.

Why choose Quick Solar for residential solar system

  • We present the most advanced solar panel technology to suit the need of your home or business.
  • We are a reputable and trustworthy solar energy supplier.
  • Quick Solar supplies the best solar panel systems in Australia, supplying reputable Tier 1 systems at reasonable prices.
  • Our team has a detailed understanding of the energy policies that exist at your residence.
  • Our solar panel installer team is fully qualified to handle the whole installation process. So, they sit with you to offer the best solar solutions.
  • Our team guides you at each step so that you may take advantage of installing a solar system.

The locations where we regularly supply and install residential solar panels: