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Why Quick Solar?

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Quick Solar is the best solar Installers in Brisbane Australia. As premium solar panels designing and installation company, we provide numerous benefits to our customers.


Quality Solar Installation

Ask for our award-winning solar products. With CEC accredited installers in our team, we bring in decades of industry experience to provide high-quality solar solutions. Our skilled and professional installers can take good care of your residential and commercial energy needs in the shortest possible time.

Why to Choose Quick Solar? – Best Solar Installers Brisbane

Tailor-made Solar Power Systems

We design and install one of a kind solar power system to meet the exact needs of our clients. Choose from our vast catalogues of products to match the solar panel design of your choice.  Our tailor-made solar power solutions will fit your requirements optimally.

Affordable Pricing

Quick Solar provides unparalleled services at the most affordable price. We value our customers and provide higher performance levels at reduced costs to keep them happy. With solar panels Brisbane, you get round the clock services to support your installation. We help you buy the best solar panel and solar system equipment at low prices, well within your budget.

Wide Range of Solar Products & Systems

At Quick Solar, we believe in providing scores of options to enable better purchase decisions. Take a look at our full range of solar batteries, solar panels, photovoltaic cells, solar inverters and other products before making your purchase. As experienced solar providers in Australia, we extend exceedingly cost-effective solar panels and products to power your home, office, factory and other commercial setups.

Open and Transparent Communication

Tell us what you want, we are ready to listen. Our solar design and installation team will understand your specific power needs and give the best ideas only. With clear cut communication channels in place, we ensure no gaps in our services. Besides, you need not worry about multiple people contacting you every now and then. We respect your time and will not disturb you unnecessarily in the course of setting up your solar power system.

No Paperwork for You

With Quick Solar by your side, you can be relaxed about long documentation or heavy paperwork. We will take care of all solar panel compliances to enable smooth installation and use of our panels.

Connection with the Grid

We provide grid-connected solar energy systems. This will help you power your small business or home with renewable energy across the day, every day of the year. The extra power produced by the panels can be sent to the grid easily. If you consume more electricity than what you add to the grid in any given month, you just have to pay for the difference to your power provider.

WiFi with Solar Inverter

Quick Solar provides a more streamlined approach to monitor PV system data. We have the capabilities to keep you connected with WiFi solar inverters. Check out our new range of solar inverters with different WiFi monitoring products.

Excellent Customer Service

Our skilled team will guide you across all stages of solar panel design and installation with care. We strive to make the entire process quick and easy for you. To enable this, we aim to provide the best customer support procedures at all times.