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10kW Solar System in Brisbane

Quick installation. Impressive warranty. Durable solutions. Energy savings. Tier 1 Solar Panel Installer.

Premium 10kW or 10.3kW Solar System Brisbane start from $4290

We understand your energy needs and concerns. That is why, when you choose to install our 10W solar system in Brisbane and surround areas such as Ipswitch, Toowoomba etc.

You can expect to get the best returns on investment 10kW solar system Brisbane.
At Quick Solar, we have in-depth knowledge of the existing energy policies.

Our experts support and guide you at every step to bring the benefits of 10kW solar system in Brisbane and all other places in Australia.

Quick Solar Products – 10kW Solar Products

Our 10 kW of solar system gives you 28 x 370w = 10300W of solar power output. The solar design and installation team will sit with you to figure out the best residential solar system for your home. And that’s how we make sure you get a total customised solar system in Brisbane.

We generally use the high-quality monocrystalline solar panels such as Jinko, Longi, REC, LG and more.

We offer:

  • Reputed solar brands at affordable costs
  • Impressive output warranty of linear panels
  • High-performance and efficient solar modules
  • Consistent and reliable local support
  • Transparent quotation with no hidden costs
  • Workmanship warranty
  • We only use CEC Accredited Installers

Great Return of Investment with Solar System in Brisbane

There are many options for solar panels and inverters in the market space. Our systems are skillfully designed to cut down your monthly energy bills.  

We have an experienced team of CEC accredited solar installers who make sure that the 10kW systems work efficiently and without any glitches.

Any extra solar power generated can be sent to the grid to lower your power bills further.

Our Expertise at Quick Solar

Book your 10kW solar panel system and get a quick and smooth installation done in a matter of days.

Ask for our premium home solar packages that give you full value for money at affordable costs. Visit us to know more about the 10kw solar system price Brisbane.

Once you sign up for the best solar panels Brisbane, you get to enjoy all standard and extended warranties.

We also provide continuous solar AMC services after installation.

What Are The Benefits of a 10.3kW Solar System in Brisbane?

The size of a 10.3kW solar system can vary, but it does come with some notable benefits for homeowners:

  • Reduced monthly power bills
  • Guaranteed feed-in tariffs for exporting power back to the grid
  • Regulated power prices

We offer 10.3kW solar panels Brisbane at the best prices. We also provide excellent customer service and after-sales service to help you get the most out of your investment. Thus, Quick Solar is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solar systems for all residential & commercial customers. The 10.3kw solar system is the best investment choice for homeowners who are looking to save on their electricity bills in the long run. Not only does it reduce your energy costs, but also gives you a greater return of investment (ROI).

Why Quick Solar?

We promise to deliver tailor-made solar products in Brisbane at competitive pricing.

Most importantly, we can help you understand how solar works and the benefits of going solar in an easy way.

Get ready to make a well-informed purchase decision.

Request your quote for a 10kW solar system in Brisbane today.

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