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Look around and you will find almost 30-35 percent of rooftops in Brisbane lined with solar panels. And guess what? The number of such solar-powered homes is on a rise every day. These homes are generating more solar power than most homes in other metropolises of Australia!

Ever wondered why so many Brisbane residents are choosing to go solar? What’s in it that makes solar energy such a preferred option for small and big-sized households in this area?


Why is Solar a Good Choice for Residents of Brisbane, QLD?

Residential solar power systems in Brisbane get year-round sunshine. They feed on the strong intensity of the sun that the region enjoys. On average, the city experiences over 5.2 hours of high-intensity sunshine (per sq. mt.) daily.

As per the capacity of the installed solar system, the 5.2 peak sun hours can be used to produce solar energy at home. The kilowatt capacity or size of the residential solar system installed determines the amount of energy that can be generated. For example, assuming that you have installed a 6.6kW solar system, about 27.kWh of energy can be produced every day. This is based on the assumption that the panels on the rooftop are all north-facing and work at 75% efficiency.

How Can We Help @ Quick Solar?

Sounds confusing?

Right now, you are looking for the right advice and clarity about how solar energy can reduce your monthly electricity bills. Rather than a direct quote, you wish to explore the different options to freeze on the best one only. Your concerns about getting good returns on your investments are totally understandable as well.

Our solar power team in Brisbane discuss these and all other concerns with you in simple language. Firstly, they understand your exact needs and budget entirely. They calculate the size and capacity of the solar system that can fulfill your needs at the lowest costs. With many years of experience in designing and installing solar systems and panels in Brisbane, Queensland, they can help you with the right solution.

Once you are aware of the government solar subsidies in Brisbane and the ongoing rates on offer by different power suppliers, you will find it easy to take a call.

Queensland FiT or Feed in Tariff (Approximation for Brisbane)

As a homeowner in Brisbane or other places in South East Queensland, your feed-in tariff (FiT) rate would be different from different retailers. For example, the feed-in tariff (FiT) rate is about 6 cents per kWh in the regional areas of Queensland.

Given this rate, you can work out the approximate savings on electricity, annually.

  • A 4.05kW solar power panel system would provide $1,026 – $1,251 (approx.) of annual savings.
  • Likewise, by installing a 5.01kW solar power system, you may expect anything between $1,270 – $1,547 as savings on electricity bills in Brisbane.

You may want to connect with our professional solar power experts in Brisbane to go deeper and understand what you can do to enjoy such savings or more.

You Get Up-front Incentives!

Australia has a robust renewable energy target in place. So, when you choose to invest in solar power installation in Brisbane, the federal government will provide up-front discounts (as an incentive) on your total cost of the solar PV system. The good thing about this incentive is that or will be directly applied to the cost given to you by the solar power retailer. There is no further documentation involved and you can get the benefits without any hassles.

Our team of solar panel experts will help you work out the value of this incentive. They will factor in the system size, your location, and all other variables to make useful comparisons. Once you hit upon the right home solar power system, you may aim to save 30-40% on the total installation cost as an incentive.

For example, if you plan to install a 5kW solar panels system in Brisbane, you stand to gain $2,670 – $3,380 as an incentive. 

Competitive and Affordable Solar PV System, Queensland

The price of installing a solar system of your choice in Brisbane is arguably among the lowest across the world. Under the circumstances, it makes good sense to explore the competitive market for installers of solar panels in Queensland.

Solar Panels Brisbane for Residential Purposes

Once you decide to go solar, you will need the best panel designers and installers. You will also require smooth installation without having to devote too much time. Costs and long-term maintenance may also be a concern. We are here to help you go green – quickly, easily, and at affordable costs.

Quick Solar ranks high on the list of the best solar company in Brisbane. We provide the best panels and systems at the most affordable prices. With our experts by your side, you will find it easy to understand your power requirements without any hassles.

At Quick Solar, we also supply and install panels of different sizes at offices, shops, factories, and other commercial spaces. We offer the best solar solutions for commercial and residential use at all times. Our product catalogs of panels, inverters, and batteries include:

  • 6.6kW solar panels systems
  • 10kW solar panels systems
  • 13.2kW solar panels systems
  • 20kW solar panels systems
  • 30kW solar panels systems
  • 50kW solar panels systems

What do We Offer?

  • Simple solutions
  • Affordable solar panels price
  • Transparent quotations
  • Quick turnaround
  • Easy communication channels
  • High savings

Supplier of Solar Panels in Brisbane

We are here to set up your solar power panels systems:

  • Slash your electricity bills
  • Shield yourself from rising power prices
  • Enjoy the best solar rebates on our panels
  • Get paid for the extra power generated
  • Protect the environment and future with renewable and clean energy
  • Proven and quick returns on investment, etc.

Ask for our full range of residential solar power systems in Brisbane to save on electricity bills. Get in touch with our sales and customer support staff. Let our team introduce you to the best solar power pricing, incentives, and rebates, today.