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Have you decided to invest in the best solar panels and systems in Sunshine Coast, Queensland? These days, it’s common to find homeowners reaching out to the best solar power company to save on electricity bills. However, like you, they may have some underlying concerns.
  • –         Will the salesperson understand their exact needs?
  • –          Will the amount invested in solar panel installation Sunshine Coast fetch the right returns?
  • –         What should be the proper size of solar panels Sunshine Coast at their home or place of work?
At Quick Solar, we have all the right answers and products. We help you save money on your energy bills. Our experts will help you buy the right solar batteries and inverters to produce energy from your rooftop. We also recommend the best panels and other solar products that can bring the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Why Should you Switch to Solar Power in Sunshine Coast?

When you invest in a 6.6 kW panel system, it takes only 3 years to break even. In other words, the value of the energy generated in three years should be in the range of AUD 3000 to AUD 3500. This is enough to cover what you spent on installing the solar systems Sunshine Coast. That’s a good ROI by all standards. What’s more?
  • Our panels will continue generating power for 25-30 years.
  • Sunshine Coast experiences long months of direct sunshine and clear weather to support energy production from panels.
  • Most homes in Sunshine Coast have tin color bond roofs that are ideal for putting up solar projects. We have completed many successful installations on such roofs.
  • Our experts take care of all paperwork to help you get quick pre-approval from Energex.

Easy Process of Solar Panels Installation in Sunshine Coast

What can be done to bring down your energy bills right away? Step 1 – Connect with us over a call or by filling an online form.  Tell us what you are paying now, the type of roof you have, the kind of product and budget you have in mind, everything. As CEC accredited installers, we will brainstorm on all possibilities before recommending the way ahead. Step 2 – Wait no longer than 24 hours to receive the contract stating the price of full solar panels installation. Once you sign the documents and send them back to us, we start preparing the system for your rooftop. It may take a few days to get everything in order before you start generating power at home. Step 3 – Our expert solar panels’ installers, suppliers, and technicians will reach out to know the most suitable time and date for installation. On average, it may take 4-5 hours to install a 6kWsolar power system. Once the installation is complete, we submit the required documents to gain approval for the grid connection. It may take a couple of days to get the orders in place.

Quick Solar Systems– How do We Work?

We aim to make the entire process of installation of solar power Sunshine Coast hassle-free and smooth for you. With many years of experience in setting up 6kW panel systems at homes, we serve to be your friends in need. Our 10kW solar units and supplier support are good enough for small commercial spaces. The solar panel installers in our team:
  • They are all well-trained and qualified to take care of the installation process in its entirety.
  • They sit across the table with you to provide the best solar solutions.
  • Our experts use simple language to explain the entire process.
  • They save your money, without confusing you in any way.
  • We provide competitive rates in the quotation; there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Solution for Solar Energy Sunshine Coast @ Quick Solar

Quick Solar provides different types of solar solutions to make your life easy. Our quick installation of high-quality, durable products promises the best savings and ROI.
  • As Tier 1 solar panel installers Sunshine Coast, we have 6.6kW systems starting from $2990.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the energy policies existing in your place of residence.
  • Our team guides you at each step so that you may avail the many benefits of installing a 6.6kW solar system at Sunshine Coast.

Quick Solar Products – 6.6kW Solar Power Systems Sunshine Coast

The power output generated by a 6kW system is 18 x 370w = 6600W of power. Our panel designers brainstorm with you to estimate the amount of power you need on a daily basis and how to generate the same. They recommend custom monocrystalline panels from noted solar companies like Jinko, LG, Longi, REC, etc.

Why Should you Choose Quick Solar Panels?

Your search for the best solar company stops on us. We help you select the products you need to generate enough power for your daily use. Our CEC accredited installer guides you at each step so that you get the maximum returns from your investment in solar systems. Our USP lies in providing solar installation services and the right products (solar inverters, batteries, panels, and other accessories) only. With our team of experts by your side, you can enjoy:
  • High performance of panels
  • Reliable customer service and support, 24/7
  • Long-lasting and durable modules
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • Reduction in monthly energy bills
  • Glitch-free and easy installation processes
  • Further reduction in bills by sending extra power to the grid, etc.

We are Just a Call Away – Solar Power Specialists Sunshine Coast

At Quick Solar, we also supply and install commercial solar panels of different sizes at offices, shops, factories, and other commercial spaces. We offer the best solar solutions for residential and commercial use at all times. Our product catalogs of panels, inverters, and batteries include:
  • 6.6kW solar panels systems
  • 10kW solar panels systems
  • 13.2kW solar panels systems
  • 20kW solar panels systems
  • 30kW solar panels systems
  • 50kW solar panels systems
Gear up for higher savings on your power bills. We are waiting to hear from you. Get in touch with our solar panel design and installation team at Quick Solar, Sunshine Coast – right away. You will never have to worry about the rising power prices. We install solar panels that generate electricity for your home or business. Our team of solar installers Sunshine Coast takes pride in giving you unparalleled service. We are licensed, qualified and experienced to provide solar installation services to both commercial and residential customers. Get in touch with us at Quick Solar and you can experience how easy it is to start getting solar power on your roof. We offer free quotes, upfront pricing and an installation process that is straightforward and hassle-free. Contact us for a solar power system for homes in the Sunshine Coast.