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2.3 million Australians are already on a ‘green mission’ and are switching to solar energy. How about joining those who have already understood the benefits of affordable energy solutions?

Before thinking about installing solar panels at home, it is important to figure out their size and type to get the best returns. It is also important to know why Gold Coast is an ideal location for putting solar panels on your rooftop. The many benefits and features of solar installation also have to be understood fully to make the right choice.

Our team of solar installers and designers in Gold Coast can educate you about the best solar companies in the region. You may want to discuss your exact energy needs, concerns about growing bills, and all other solar requirements with them – and without any hesitation whatsoever!


Why Are Solar Power Systems Common in Gold Coast?

The best part about going solar is that you can slash your electricity bills by 100 percent. A regular 5kW solar power system can produce22.65kWh of electricity daily (on average). This should take care of the energy needs of a normal-sized family in Gold Coast, Queensland.

The rising demand for clean, renewable energy in the region can be attributed to:

  • More than 300 days of clear sunshine every year.
  • Sunny and warm weather conditions.
  • Tin color bond rooftops that facilitate easy installation.

Along with saving money, you will also find it easy to protect yourself against ever-rising energy costs.

Primary Benefits of Investing in Solar Panels, Gold Coast

There are so many benefits of installing a solar panels system on your rooftop.

  • You start getting reduced power bills – almost 70% lesser than before!
  • It becomes easy to deal with the constantly rising power prices
  • Enjoy attractive solar rebates (along with $3400) on 6.6kW solar system installation
  • You can earn from the extra energy generated by your panels. Gold Coast offers Solar feed-in tariffs of up to 20c/kWh for homeowners.
  • Your contribution to clean, renewable solar energy will protect future generations.
  • It is possible to get your money back in 3-5 years, depending on the type and capacity of the solar system installed. That’s a lucrative ROI by all standards.

The Right Tilt Angle for Solar Panels in Gold Coast

Rooftop slopes provide the best angle for installing solar PV systems. In case your home has a flat roof, then tilt frames will be installed by the solar designers. The angle chosen by them will ensure that the panels absorb enough sunlight across the day. More absorption equals optimum energy production.

Solar Feed-in tariff & Rebates

Attractive Federal Government Solar Rebates are waiting to come your way if you go ahead with the solar panels’ systems installation in Gold Coast. Our team of solar experts will share the rebates permitted on different solar system sizes. Homeowners can receive up to 20c/kWh as solar feed-in tariff (FIT) in Gold Coast.

In layman’s terms, a feed-in tariff is what your energy retailer agrees to give you for the excess solar energy fed into the grid by you. The solar FIT rate varies from one energy provider to the next. So, you need the services of a professional design and solar installation company Gold Coast to ensure the highest possible savings.

Gold Coast Climate – Does it Make Solar a Good Choice?

The climate of Gold Coast is perfect for the purpose. The region experiences an average high of 28.3° during the hot and dry summers. Even during winters, the average low of 21.3° is enough to keep winter days warm. As per solar experts, Gold Coast experiences solar irradiation levels of 4.81kWh/sq m/day. This means that 4.81kWh of power, per square meter, will be beamed onto the panels installed – every day.

With 300 days of sunshine across the year – you can’t ask for anything more to get the best returns from your solar investments.

What is the Right Solar System Size?

There are several factors that influence the size of solar systems in Gold Coast homes. Your energy requirements, roof space, number of heads in the family, angle of your rooftop if tilted and your budget would determine the right size. A 4.2 kw- 66kw solar PV system is good enough for most households.

A 6.6kW solar system is highly recommended as it will shield you from the continuously rising electricity prices in the future. You will also be eligible for attractive government solar rebates to make your soar purchase worthwhile.

Quick Solar – The one Stop Shoppe for Solar Products in Gold Coast

We understand how tough it is to pay high electricity bills every month. Given the high costs of power, it’s a good decision to add solar power Gold Coast to your residential property. Our residential solar systems are also appropriate for homes of all sizes in Brisbane. As the power requirements of every household are different, our company experts will explain the features and benefits to you after understanding your needs. So, they will sit across the table to discuss what you need and provide only the best products to make the process easy.

At Quick Solar, we also supply and install panels of different sizes at offices, shops, factories, and other commercial spaces. We also offer the best solar solutions for commercial and residential use at all times. Our product catalogs of panels, inverters, and batteries include:

  • 6.6kW solar panels systems
  • 10kW solar panels systems
  • 13.2kW solar panels systems
  • 20kW solar panels systems
  • 30kW solar panels systems
  • 50kW solar panels systems

Quick Solar – What we Offer

At Quick Solar, we present:

  • A wide range of products and systems at affordable prices.
  • End-to-end product catalogs of solar panels and batteries for best savings on your electricity bills.
  • Solar panel systems in different configurations that are easy to install and maintain.
  • The best solar panel configurations – 5kW solar systems, 6.6kW solar system, 10kW solar system & 13.2kW solar system.

Affordable, Long-lasting, High-Performance Solar Panels Gold Coast

We take pride in offering tier-1 solar panels manufactured by the best names in the industry.

  • Our inverters present advanced technology features for converting power at maximum efficiency
  • You can expect optimum value for the solar panels’ price paid by you
  • Our solar panels and systems for commercial and home use are efficient, weather-resistant, and durable
  • We are certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)

Our benchmarked quality control measures are well-known in the solar industry in Australia. So, Reach out to us at Quick Solar. Our experienced teams will make the process very simple and easy for you.